Good For The Soil And Good For The Soul

Here on the farm, we believe that "Earth Day" should be - every day. Living a lifestyle that is organic, and actively protecting our planet, is the only way our environment will thrive and be sustainable for generations to come. Please visit our website often. Look for our newsletter and Blog soon.

We are dedicated to organic goodness. We realize that we can make a difference beyond just the food that we produce. That's why we work with partners who share our mission and can help us make improvements to our products and processes. Together, with every bit of our farm-fresh delicious products, we can sustain the health of the earth for all living creatures today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

Our Vision & Mission

We strive to provide the best organic garlic possible from our farm to your home. Maintaining a natural environment and increasing the sustainability of our farming operation is of utmost important to us. Our number one goal is to provide our customers with a high quality organic product that is not only good for seeding, but for the personal use of our customers.

Choosing the varieties of garlic that we were going to focus on was an important part of our beginning. We selected garlic varieties that have great flavor, a long shelf life, and ease of care.

Garlic cloves in handsMost importantly for our customers, Blue Fortune Farm is committed to growing organic garlic, offering quality products, while incorporating natural sources for these products. We operate on a small scale; and we handle our garlic seeds, plants, and bulbs personally. In this way we ensure that the highest of quality and integrity is maintained. Our personal touch also ensures that our crop is healthy, disease free, true to type, and cured appropriately. Our many years of experience insure the purest of organic products are grown.

Thank you for visiting our website and supporting sustainable small family farms. We will continue to strive to meet the highest of standards and provide the best customer service possible, so you will be a customer for years to come.

Blue Fortune Farm

Proud to Support: The Organic Farming Research Foundation

We practice our version of sustainable agriculture here at Blue Fortune Farm by creating a healthy soil fertility that will allow us a bountiful harvest while preserving the natural resources that we depend on every year. The socially responsible use of the land enhances the environment, biodiversity, the local economy, and the community. To preserve our resources we compost our wastes, heat the greenhouses with wood, use cover crops to reduce soil erosion, and use compostable mulches. We protect the environment by using companion planting and crop rotation to dramatically reduce the need for pesticides. Most of our products are sold to the local markets, eliminating the need for costly and environmentally damaging long distant transport. Our farm is much more a lifestyle than a business, and we are dedicated to bringing our customers the freshest, tastiest, and best quality products available.